Adaptive Earth Intelligence

Precision Insight, Global Reach

Empowering Decisions with Advanced Geospatial AI

EarthAI R&D

A Streamlined Workflow for EarthAI Development

EarthAI R&D offers an integrated platform for developing advanced geospatial machine learning models with a focus on Earth observation data

Natural Language Interaction

Engage with geospatial assets using intuitive, natural language queries for easier data handling

Image Exploitation

Annotate images to create specialized datasets for remote sensing and computer vision model training

AI Experimentation

Train powerful deep neural networks, manage experiments, and deploy the most effective models seamlessly

Image Sourcing

Access satellite data from 21 sources, or upload your own datasets, drone images, and other geospatial data.

AI Experimentatio


A robust tool for sourcing and annotating images, training geospatial vision models, and deploying them efficiently


An integrated natural language interface to converse with your geospatial assets and make spatially informed decisions.


A pioneering multi-modal platform combining large language and vision models for comprehensive geospatial event analysis

DL Judge

Streamlines geospatial ML, offering advanced techniques for faster, more cost-effective model compression and quantization

Roof Measurements

Property AI

A Unified Platform for Automated Residential and Commercial Property Inspection

Property AI revolutionizes property inspection with rapid, automated analysis and accurate reporting for residential and commercial properties.

Instant Analysis

Provides storm damage analysis within 15 minutes using drone imagery

Storm Damage Report

Delivers human-verified storm damage reports within 12 hours

Roof Measurements

Offers highly accurate roof measurements in just 30 minutes

Property Digital Twin

Easily create and manage digital twins of inspected properties


A comprehensive toolbox for roofers, featuring precise roof measurements, detailed storm damage analysis, efficient property asset management, and accurate estimates to streamline roofing business operations.


A cutting-edge digital twinning platform for roofers, converting drone images and roof sketches into detailed digital twins, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of roofing project planning and execution


A mobile application designed for on-site management of drone inspections, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of field operations


Advanced AI for Rapid Human Aid and Disaster Response

HADR AI delivers cutting-edge AI solutions for efficient and rapid response to various human aid and disaster scenarios

Event Base Maps

Access detailed, up-to-date basemaps for current disaster events

Historical Query

Inquire about past disaster events and their impacts for informed decision-making


Set up real-time alerts to stay informed about emerging disaster events

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate powerful disaster AI models into existing platforms for enhanced functionality

Historical Query


A dynamic tool for monitoring wildfires, offering real-time mapping and critical data for firefighting and prevention strategies

Quake Map

Provides immediate, detailed basemaps of earthquake events, enabling rapid response and informed decision-making during seismic activities

Flooded Land

A crucial resource for mapping flood events, assisting in the planning and execution of rescue and relief operations

Spill Track

Specialized in tracking marine oil spills, this tool offers essential data for effective response and recovery operations

What makes Granular product powerful

Granular's AI-driven solutions make geospatial data useful from day 1, adding a critical dimension to enterprise decision making.


Day 1 Value

Granular's platforms are designed to deliver immediate, tangible benefits right out of the box, transforming years of effort into days of impactful results


AI Decision Advantages Across Your Organization

Granular's platforms are designed to deliver immediate, tangible benefits right out of the box, transforming years of effort into days of impactful results


A Product By AI Scientists for AI Scientists

Developed by expert geospatial and deep neural network researchers, Granular's products are continuously refined to deliver state-of-the-art solutions, embodying the cutting edge in AI technology


Trusted by Academia and Government

Renowned academic institutions like University Paris-Saclay, Sorbonne University, IIIT Delhi, IIT Delhi, and IIT Gandhinagar rely on our EarthAI R&D platform for research. Our HADR tool is supported by prestigious grants from Google Cloud TPU and organizations such as NGA, AFRL, and SDL, highlighting its reliability and credibility

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